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North Downs Bees

Breeders of varroa-resistant honey bees offering tuition and nucleus colonies

Welcome to our website

North Downs Bees are  a small family business producing honey and honeybees for sale.  We have at present around one hundred hives kept at selected sites within ten miles of Canterbury in Kent.

Produce and Services

We supply honey to local retailers (listed here), and offer our own bees as nucleus colonies.  We offer courses in basic beekeeping and bee rearing in accordance with our methods (See Tuition page).

We collect swarms in central East Kent, taking in Maidstone, Swale, Sittingbourne, Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury areas.

We also offer a local honeybee removal service, taking the entire nest complete to a new home in a hive 

All enquiries are welcome. 

Contact Details:

By landline: 01227 833802

Mobile:       07895 191 385

Email:         info@northdownsbees.co.uk

Nectar and Pollen Sources

Our bees gather nectar and pollen from the crops and wildflowers of the chalk downlands.  Beginning with the early fruit trees, the main sources thereafter include sycamore, lime, sweet chestnut, clover, blackberry, and rosebay willowherb.  Smaller contributions come from hedgerows, roughs and scrub.  Grassland wildflowers such as dandelions, knapweeds, chicory, and the climber ivy are among the myriad floral sources that go into our rich honey.